Top 10 questions asked by college coaches / recruiters
What kind of student / person is the athlete
What kind of grades does the athlete make
Have they taken the ACT / SAT test
What kind of character does the athlete have
How good is their work ethic:  skill, athleticism, mental toughness, physical attributes
What is the athletes strengths and weaknesses
Can they play at the next level
Who else is recruiting the athlete
What other sports do they play
What is athletes relationship with the coach
The Jacksonville community has lost former student athletes after they finished High School as well as two men who were loved by our city. There are families and individuals that wanted to provide a scholarship in the name of their child or friend.  Each year these families go through their process of selecting a student to be awarded their scholarship.  Currently we have the following scholarships:
  • Payton Diers Award (baseball)                    $    500
           Given by Scott and Rhonda Diers
  • Heather Folden Award (female)                   $ 1,000
            Given by Larry and Terri Folden
  • Jonathan Sanders Award (boys soccer)      $    500
            Given by the Sanders Family
  • Rick Watson Scholarship (football)               $ 1,000
            Given by Matt and Kelly Montgomery
  • Dick Sheffield Scholarship (football)             $ 1,000
             Given by Jacksonville Education Foundation
  • JABC Scholarships (highest GPA)               $ 500.00 girl
              Given by JABC                                     $ 500.00 boy
  • Wanda Patton Scholarship (female)             $    500
              Given by JABC
  • Darryl Bonner Scholarship                            $    500
            Given by JABC 
  • Driver Bob Scholarship                                 $ 1,000
             Given by the Robert Thompson family
  • Jacksonville Tennis Association                    n/a
              Given by the JTA
  • Alex Sandoval Scholarship
               Given by family and friends                 $  500
  • The Pete Lammons Award                            $  5000            
             Jacksonville Education Foundation
    • Pete Lammons graduated from JHS and was a Fightin' Indian.  He played for the UT Longhorns and had a career in the NFL.  The Lammons family made their scholarship a little different.  In 2000, these brothers decided to change this award that is named in their father's memory.  When the named recipient finishes four years of college and graduates, they reward him with a check for $ 5,000.  WOW...that's a reason to finish college.   Those athletes that have completed college and have been awarded the $ 5,000...
                                                     Jeremy Davis
                                                     Jami Hightower (co-award)
                                                    Wade Magouyrk
                                                    Chris Chilton
                                                    Jazz Scott (co-award)
                                                    Colten McCown
                                                    Duke Hamilton
If there is anyone that would like to talk about the possibility of starting a scholarship, the Athletic Director would be happy to discuss that.  He can be reached at 903-586-1704. 
All of these scholarships are awarded in May at the Annual All Sports Banquet.