JISD has two full-time licensed athletic trainers (LAT) on staff - Jason Kraus and Shaylee Fouts. We also have a graduate assist trainer, Marshall Jelden.   
If your child has an injury, the trainer is here on the HS campus each morning at 7:00 AM to look, evaluate, and give treatment if necessary.  We want to know of your child's injury.  We can help you.    
If your child needs to go to the doctor, hospital, ER, etc due to an athletic injury, you should see the trainer for an evaluation of your injury, and get an student insurance form from the trainer before you go to the ER or your doctor.  It is very important for the trainer to see the injury and be aware of the situation before you take the athlete to the doctor. 
If you have any questions, feel free to call 903-586-3661, xt 7912.