Jacksonville High School - Golden Football

Thanks to former Jacksonville High School stand-out, Pete Lammons, Jacksonville has received a golden football.  This is due to the NFL recognizing our school as a member of the Super Bowl High School Honor Roll.  With this being the "50th" year celebration of Super Bowls, the National Football League is celebrating the players and coaches of the past 49 Super Bowls and their high schools and communities that have positively impacted the great game.  According to Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, "nearly 3,000 players and head coaches and more than 2,000 high schools will be recognized".  Jacksonville received their gold football around the end of January and it is currently on display in the fieldhouse.  Each school received a commemorative golden football imprinted with the name of Pete, who played from 1963-1965 for the University of Texas after graduation from JHS.  According to texassports.com, Pete played tight end on the 1963 Teas Longhorns National Championship team, then later was a tight end for the New York Jets and Green Bay Packers.  We also are eligible to apply for an NFL Foundation grant (which Coach Coleman - Athletic Director, Head Football Coach) has already done.  Per Mr. Goodell, "football has always been about more than wins and losses.  The game teaches lessons that last a lifetime".