Ticket Information

If you are looking for ticket information concerning the various schools that we will be playing in the 2020-2021 school year, please visit our athletic home page; all details for the current week concerning tickets will be posted there as soon as we know information.  Thanks for your patience.  
All tickets will be purchased on-line; no in person tickets will be sold. 
Tickets sales are now posted live on JISD.  To purchase on-line tickets, go to jisd.org OR the High School page, find the link for on-line tickets.  This is the black box with the blue-gold letter J on the left side of the page.  Once you click that option, it will take you to the page that offers the game(s) you are interested in attending.  Click on the event you want to come watch, and it will take you to that specific event where you can click the number of tickets you want to buy, and then follow the instructions.  You will either print your QR code or have it on your smart phone to present at the gate.    
Current capacity is limited to *50% at all JISD venues for the 2020 - 2021 season. *subject to change  NOTE PER UIL - if game attendance is not held at the said 50%, they will shut down our season.  
Spectator Guidelines for Jacksonville ISD Athletic Facilities
Tomato Bowl AND John Alexander Gym
Spectators must self-screen for COVID 19 symptoms as outlined
by TEA and UIL.  Spectators must also be sympton-free before
arriving at the athletic facility
Masks or face coverings are required as you enter, exit, and move
around the athletic facility as outlined by the Governor's order
and JISD Health & Safety Plan
Spectators will practice social distancing and sit at least six (6)
feet away from other groups
No one is allowed on the field or court of play
Prices of General Admission Tickets (per District 9-5A) during regular season only
Football pre-sale on-line (before the game)
HS games                            TBD
HS 9th and JV                     $ 4.00 for each ticket
MS 7th and 8th games        $ 3.00 for each ticket  
Prices of Tickets (per District 16-5A) during regular season only
HS Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Softball, Track
(per District 16-5A)
HS     All tickets                                                                            4.00
MS     All tickets                                                                            3.00
Soccer (per District 16-5A) all sold at the gate during regular season only
          All tickets                                                                            4.00