Jacksonville High

Ticket Information

 Prices of Tickets (per District 9-5A) during regular season only
Football pre-sale (before the game)
HS games at the gate         $ 8.00
HS games pre-sale             $ 6.00 for adults, $ 3.00 for students
HS 9th and JV                     $ 4.00 for adults, $ 3.00 for students
MS 7th and 8th games        $ 3.00 for adults, $ 2.00 for students 
Prices of Tickets (per District 17-5A) during regular season only
HS Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Softball, Track
(per District 17-5A)
HS     Adult                                                                              4.00
          Student K-12                                                                 3.00
MS     Adult                                                                              3.00
          Student K-12                                                                  2.00
Soccer (per District 17-5A) all sold at the gate during regular season only
          Adult                                                                               3.00
          Student                                                                           2.00