Current / Former College Athletes

When it comes to former college athletes, Jacksonville has too many to name. 
The Corridor of Champions in the JHS fieldhouse pays tribute to former college athletes.  If you notice a picture missing, please let us know.  We have a local photographer who will take the picture and make it like all the others hanging in the hall.  We are proud of all our JHS graduates who played at the next level, and we want to include them with the honor of placing their picture in the hall with other graduates. 
Contact us at 903-586-1704 to inquire about your picture hanging in this Corridor of Champions. 
After all, "once an Indian...always an Indian".   
  • Brady Robinson                           Centenary College - baseball
  • Scooter Baker                              Southeastern Oklahoma - football
  • Jaeshun Bush                              University of Arkansas at Monticello - football
  • Deshawn McCuin                         Texas Christian University - football
  • Raul Arrenendo                            Jacksonville College - soccer
  • Citlalli Medellin                             Jacksonville College - soccer
  • Maria Villuvina                              Jacksonville College - soccer
  • Alexa Moreira                               Tyler Junior College - soccer
  • TJ Ratliffe                                     Oklahoma Baptist University - football
  • Chris Carpenter                            Colorado University - football
  • Kelsy Traylor                                LeTournea University - soccer
  • Jordyn Whitaker                           The University of Texas - softball
  • Cooper Coughlin                          Jacksonville College - soccer
  • Priscella Gallegos                        Angelina College - soccer
  • Jose Solano                                 Jacksonville College - soccer
  • Peyton Robinson                         Washington Lee University - soccer
  • Kasey Canady                              Southern Nazarene University - football
  • Grace Abercrombie                      College of Charleston - football
  • Riley Todd                                     McLennan College - softball
  • Jacarri Hamlett                             Southern Nazarene University - baseball