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Booster Club

Monthly Meeting on Wednesday, October 18th at the JHS Field House at 6:00 PM.
The purpose of the Jacksonville Athletic Booster Club is to promote the athletic programs in the JISD.  This organization exist to enrich students' involvement in extracurricular activities without endangering their eligibility.  They have and continue to provide for athletic purchases that are not necessarily covered in the school budget.  The booster club sponsors the All Sports Banquet in May. 
This group of volunteers works with and through the Athletic Director for the betterment of all school athletics. 
Officers for the 2017 - 2018 school year
  • President                         Kelly Traylor
  • Vice Presidents               Bridgett Bateman - Paige Goodwin                      
  • Secretary                         Sharon Crowe
  • Treasurer                         Michelle Whitaker
Board members for the 2017-2018 school year
  • Maria Gallegos (beginning 2nd year of a 2 yr term)
  • Kristi Shoemaker (beginning 2nd year of a 2 yr term)
    • Terunda Montgomery (beginning a 2nd two yr term)
    • Courtney & Rodney Williams (beginning 2nd two yr term)
    • Chad Devillier (beginning a 2 yr term)
    • Shelly McCown (beginning a 2 yr term)
    • Paul Whitaker (beginning a 2 yr term)
    • Susan Todd (beginning a 2 yr term)
The meetings are open to the public.  This organization makes their money by memberships, sales of school approved clothing, and concession stands at Mauldin Field, Baseball, and Softball stands. 
The Booster Club sponsors three scholarships for graduating athletes.  They award $ 500 to the female student athlete and $ 500 to the male student athlete with the highest GPA.  They also pay for the Wanda Patton Award in the amount of $ 500.