Engineering Earthquakes

This video describes the process of mapping underwater fault lines and testing structure for earthquake readiness.

Discovery Project Earth-Orbital Power Plant

This video describes the process of testing the feasibility of using an orbiting power plant that would be able to transmit power generated to stations on Earth.

News clip from man who slipped and fell into one of Yellowstone's hot springs

This video is a brief news clip about the man who died when he slipped and fell into one of Yellowstone's dangerously acidic hot springs.

The Chemistry of Yellowstone's Hot Springs

In addition to temperature, hot springs may naturally contain chemicals that make its pH dangerously acidic.

assignment update

This is sure a challenging time for us all.  Please check JISD's webpage for updates to closures and procedures for assignments.  Also, please check TEAMS for assignments, as well as your class webpages.  I am looking forward to seeing all of you back in class soon.

conservation of momentum

As you watch the video, answer the questions on your worksheet.

Atwood's machines, part 2

This video continues the discussion on how to solve problems dealing with Atwood's machines, such as 'a light, inextensible cord passes over...' found on homework 4.

Atwood's machine tutorial part 1

This video discusses problems such as the one on your homework 4, 'a light, in-extensible cord passes over a light, frictionless pulley...' The video part 2 continues dealing with these type of problems.