Exciting Announcements

Congratulations to the following students that made a
Division 1
on their solo at UIL Solo and Ensemble on 2/10/2020!!
Alexis Medoza- Piano Solo
Nadia Neveu
Taylor Bagley
A'Myiah Jones
Cornel Jordan
Laura Simpson
State Solo and Ensemble Qualifiers for a Class 1 Solo

Jenna Armitage
Naomi Beale
Matthew Blankenship
Kasey Canady
Alec Christiansen
Julianna Dublin
Kaela Dupont
Haley George
Cheyenne Gilmore
Emily Goodwin
Joselin Guerrero
Jimmy Guerrero
Aeriel Matlock
Alexis Mendoza
Kirsten Pardo
Kathryn Satterwhite
Jacob Simpson
Dane Trent