Jacksonville High

Ticket Information

Ticket Sales - Locations and Prices
Football tickets (general, student, and reserved) are sold at the following locations ...
Tigerlillies (downtown Jacksonville) 
            Monday - Friday till noon for general and student
Jacksonville Middle School
            Monday - Friday noon for general and student
Jacksonville High School
            Friday during lunches only in the main hall for general and student
Prices of Football Tickets (per District 17-5A) during regular season only
All tickets at the gate (opens at 6:00 PM)                           $ 7.00
pre-sale adult                                                                         6.00
pre-sale student                                                                     3.00
Reserved                                                                             10.00
Reserved at the gate                                                           12.00
Thursday night games for High School all sold at the gate
Adult                                                                                       4.00
Student K-12                                                                          3.00
Middle School games all sold at the gate
Adult                                                                                        3.00
Student K-12                                                                           2.00
Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Softball all sold at the gate except for Basketball reserved seats (sold in advance)
(per District 17-5A)
HS     Adult                                                                              4.00
          Student K-12                                                                 3.00
MS     Adult                                                                              3.00
          Student K-12                                                                  2.00
Soccer (per District 17-5A) all sold at the gate
          Adult                                                                               3.00
          Student                                                                           2.00
 We offer season tickets (reserved) for Football and Basketball; for the 2017-2018 season they are (TBA) per person and can be purchased through (TBA).  After this date only seats per game are available.  Reserved tickets are (TBA) at the door for each home game.