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Advice From Students

 I decided to do something different for this page because I wanted to allow my students to explain what class is like and to have them offer words of wisdom.  I had students write about things they wish they had known before freshman year and things they realized at the end of this year. These are direct quotes from students reflecting about this classroom and high school in general. 
To begin with, do not procrastinate!
Mr.Prinz class may be challenging but it’s not as hard as you think. Geometry Pre AP has a lot of obstacles but if strive through what you are suppose to do then his class will be way easier.
The type of activities you’ll be doing will be mind blowing to some newcomers. You’ll have to make sure you’re always confident in your answer and that goes with any class and in life situations. Prinz will make sure you’ll need everything you need to overcome any type of geometry question.
Dedication is one of these five things you’ll need to succeed in this class.
Do not be afraid to ask for help. Reach out to your teachers or counselors.
Many people think “oh I will remember this later.”  No you will not!  The mind is a tricky thing that no one will ever fully understand. 
Organization is also key in high school, especially if you are taking advanced classes (Mrs. Gowin and Mr. Prinz). 
Studying is extremely important. 
A more popular disservice that most people in high school is copying and cheating....Yes cheating and copying is the easy way out but easy is not always good. 
Another less popular way to succeed in high school is to stay out of all the drama. 
Only you can define what you want in life. 
Mr.Prinz has a lot of really high expectations!
My next piece of advice is to make flashcards. As cliché and unnecessary as it may seem, they are extremely important...Now, if you are taking Mrs. Gowin, I highly recommend the flashcard method of studying, because her class consists mainly of memorization…I am not joking, really, you should make flashcards. Not only that, you will have various vocab quizzes in English or even when Mr. Prinz decides to throw a curveball at you and have a geometry vocab test (hint-hint).
A lot of freedom comes with being in high-school but, although much is given, much is expected.
The very last tip to have a successful first year of high school, and is probably the most important, is to make sacrifices. And we are not talking about goats.
The moment you are self-motivated to get your work done before you lounge around, is the very instance when you have matured into a young adult with a great habit that will benefit you in the years to come.