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Social Studies

What is going on in U.S. History?
          Many of my students have been adjusting to the type of questions they will be answering on the end of course exams (STAAR). I am giving assignments to build the skills they will need to be successful on that test, equipping them with the knowledge they will need as well. Most students have been improving their raw test scores, meaning their scores before bonus questions and/or a curve has been applied. I am very proud of my students in this regard, and I hope parents are as well.
          It is still very important for overall averages that every student complete and turn in daily assignments and projects. Students who are failing my class at the end of a grading period all have one thing in common: multiple missing assignments. While test scores have come up, the curve has diminished, and the exams have not gotten less rigorous. Students still need to work hard to complete and turn in assignments.

U.S. History
U.S. Government