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POW WOW – the Power Hour Lunch
JHS Students will be having “Pow Wow” time from 12:20 – 1:20pm every school day beginning on September 6. This hour allows students to eat at any point during the time and at various locations on campus. They may attend tutorials, study, read, work in the computer lab, make up a test, participate in club meetings, or relax and rejuvenate for their afternoon classes and extra-curricular activities.
During this hour, students will have the flexibility to determine where they choose to go; therefore, calling students out during this time will not be feasible. Please make prior arrangements with your child about signing out during Pow Wow or contact them on their cell phones to meet you in the office to sign out. Remember, no outside food deliveries will be accepted in the main office per the Student Handbook.
We are looking forward to a Picture Perfect year at JHS!
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