Jacksonville High

Season Tickets

Season tickets are ready for pick-up!  A new style of tickets along with a Taco Bell coupon on the back.  We think you'll love it! 
Current season ticket holders have been sent a bright green colored postcard in the mail.  They are to fill out their card and send it back in to keep their reserved tickets.  The cut-off date for returning the card is July 28.
The remaining tickets are then offered to a "waiting list".  Finally after the waiting list has received their tickets, sales are opened to the general public.
All ticket sales are completed by August 4
If you were not able to purchase season tickets during the summer, the reserved tickets are sold the week of the home(s) games in the fieldhouse starting on Monday morning  through Friday at noon at $ 6.00 per person.
Season tickets for basketball go on sale at the start of basketball season.  The cost for the 2015 packet is $ 75 per person.
Current season ticket holders have the opportunity to re-new their tickets first.  We sell packets for 2 weeks only and after the deadline date of December 4, 2015 (for this year) there are no more season tickets available and the tickets must be purchased for each game at the gate. 
If you have any questions, please give us a call at the Field House, 903-586-1704.  We would love to help you watch the Indians for every home game.